Friday, July 30, 2010

Pros and Cons to Realistic Training

Teaching martial has always been one of my greatest highlights throughout my 37 years of martial arts training. I enjoy sharing my skills and always consider myself blessed to be a blessing. I've trained over a thousand students and earned the respect of each one from youngest to oldest. My training antics have never changed from the time I opened my first dojo in 1983 regarding full contact approach in self defense and reality training. This would involve illustrations of defensive techniques and allowing my students to apply the techniques on me after I attack. I've taken a great deal of physical abuse through the years with eye gauges, kicks and knees to the groin, throws, finger and joint locks, scratches and head butts to the face in order to ensure students achieve the level of confidence to deploy the techniques in a life threatening situation and survive.

Click on the photo to the right and view the MMA magazine footage with Grandmaster Ron Van Clief and me training two brutal days of ground fighting tactics. Always a student of the martial arts regardless of title, rank or position.

Many have asked when I will stop allowing my body to be used as a human practice aid. Well, I guess the appropriate answer would be when it stops allowing me. Have a blessed day, Hanshi :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Three Phase Lateral and Defense Applications

Step by step illustration of Felder's Tensho Goju Three Phase Lateral movements consisting of side step, rear lateral and cross step movements.