Thursday, July 28, 2011

Abdominal conditioning video clip 27 Jul 11

Here is a short clip from my Cardio Kick Boxing class yesterday. Please enjoy the 8 minute session.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tensho Goju Empty Hand Kata's

The Tensho Goju kata's are all listed in the Tensho Goju Instructor Manual available on our website. However, a list of each kata along with the belt level assignment is listed below.  Kata should never be rushed, but practiced daily for perfection and understanding of each movement.  The execution of movements required balance, power, control, breathing, focus and proper application of technique.  Each movement in kata serves a particular purpose.  Therefore, it is imperative to train kata as much as possible and practice bunkai for a greater understanding of the interpretation of each move.

Basically, there are six (6) under belt kata's that are solely birthed from Tensho Goju, which illustrate acute movements and techniques circulating the system.  In addition, there are five (5) associated kata's derived from Goju Ryu, which gives an overall total of eleven (11) empty hand kata's in the Tensho Goju system. 

White Belt - Sunrise
Green Belt - Sunset
Purple Belt - Twisiting Clouds / Butterfly / Storm
Brown Belt - Tensho (Heavens Breath) / Seiunchin
Black Belt - Kururunfa
Black Belt 2nd Dan - Shisochin
Black Belt 3rd Dan - Sepai
Black Belt 5th Dan - Suparinpei