Friday, March 19, 2010

Self Defense 101

The Self Defense 101 lunchtime training workshop launched today as a kick off session. The official start of the weekly classes will begin on April 9, 2010.

Today's training focus was on breathing, evasive foot work with Felder's Tensho Goju 3 stage lateral movement pattern, along with blocks. Students were introduced to the back lateral, lateral side step, and lateral cross step. Furthermore, the applied steps were combined with the side palm block, rising block and palm up block. See video clips for review and practice.

Peacemaker Self Defense Workshop

Students of Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma had the opportunity to engage in an extensive hands on Self Defense Workshop with Grandmaster Thomas Felder and Luis Lopez. Techniques delivered were based on sudden grabs from various approaching directions. Felder's methodology is quite unique when it comes to presenting his self defense workshop, as his techniques delivered are carefully catered to the participating audience. Specifically, simple assaults, date rape, obnoxious behavior resulting in physical grabs and pulls are more prone to be experienced in a college campus, as well as rape, said Felder. Therefore, techniques against purse snatching would not be a focus point for college self defense workshop. Felder routinely illustrates defensive applications and the students are given the chance to apply each technique in a realistic form as the Masters attack them aggressively. Felder believes in realistic training, and for this cause you will never see him wearing protective garments during his self defense teachings.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tensho Goju Demonstrations and Self Defense Workshop Kick Off

Tensho Goju is kicking off with a bang in 2010, with Self Defense Workshops and Demonstrations making news headlines. Felder has been blessed to be a blessing in sharing his talent with the Lawton and Fort Sill Community, along with his assistant Luis Lopez Colon, which began training at the Tensho Goju academy in late January. It is truly a unique period in having two Grandmaster's of Goju with same rank working side by side with the same focus. Hanshi Lopez is a Chaplain for the US Army. Since his arrival at the Tensho Goju Headquarters he has assisted Hanshi Felder with the Self Defense Workshop at Cameron University and the Total Self Defense Workshop at Fort Sill. God is good! Read News Article on the following link: Page 1 Page 2

Cat Fighting Strategies

Illustrations of Cat Fighting strategies is the quarterly focus for the Tensho Goju headquarters. The goal will be to focus on the proper distribution of weight in a stabilized cat stance and applying offensive and defense technigues to engage and counter strikes. The following Techniques used will be as follows:

Front kick, low palm block, sunfist, round kick, stepping side kick, spinning back fist.

Sunfist low palm block, palm up block, bong so, low palm and rising block, palm up block.