Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fighting Tigers - Youth Class

The Tensho Goju Fighting Tigers is a highly motivated training session combined of male and female youths in ages 8 through 15 years of age. Students learn the no-nonsense physical, mental and spiritual aspects of Tensho Goju as it relates to self defense and conditioning. Classes are taught by Grandmaster Thomas Felder every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45 pm.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Home Training Program - Defense Knee Drop Application

Enroll in the Tensho Goju Home Training Program and receive up to date illustrations of monthly student training sessions, along with step by step video footage of Tensho Goju Aiki Jitsu and Self Defense.

Chair Defense Application with Thomas Felder Hanshi

Master Felder illustrates three scenerio based self defense applications from a chair seated position.

Nunchakas Basic movements of Tensho Goju

Follow through with the basic movementsw of the nunchakas with Thomas Felder Hanshi. Techniques shown are derived from the Tensho Goju system. Practice slowly for proper development of application and skill.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Office Fitness Break

All, I have introduced the public to my new fitness plan for the office environment. Naturally, the training can be conducted at anytime and any location with internet capability. Nevertheless, my intent is for the office with minimum space. In addition, the exercises I introduce will not produce excessive sweating, so there will not be a need for an immediate shower after the training (smile). Actually, each session will not exceed 10 minutes. My goal is to give employees an alternative outlet from routine smoking and over eating at the desk. The training sessions will target the upper, middle and lower body muscles with sessions in muscle conditioning, muscle strengthening, and relaxation.

Equipment requirement: As I mentioned previously with my scope of the Office Fitness Break being a short office workout session, which means there will be no special equipment required other than the basic office furniture e.g. desk, rotary chair, books, and a telephone.

Finally, I will do my part in posting a five day work week training session for you to work. Please, take the ten minutes and work the plan... you can do it! Also, let other office workers, friends and families in on the free training sessions. Click on this link for the training . Don't forget to let us know how you enjoyed the training by signing our guestbook. Have a blessed day.