Saturday, December 10, 2011

Street Smart Self Defense Seminar, December 10, 2011

There were a variety of self defense applications illustrated this afternoon from front chokes, rear chokes, side grab, cross body wrist grab, bear hug, wrist grab and a handshake. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bo Warrior Workshop, October 1, 2011

Many of the students from the Tensho Goju Academy took the opportunity to attend the Bo Warrior Workshop in Lawton directed by Hanshi Felder.

View Photo Slide Show here.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Abdominal conditioning video clip 27 Jul 11

Here is a short clip from my Cardio Kick Boxing class yesterday. Please enjoy the 8 minute session.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tensho Goju Empty Hand Kata's

The Tensho Goju kata's are all listed in the Tensho Goju Instructor Manual available on our website. However, a list of each kata along with the belt level assignment is listed below.  Kata should never be rushed, but practiced daily for perfection and understanding of each movement.  The execution of movements required balance, power, control, breathing, focus and proper application of technique.  Each movement in kata serves a particular purpose.  Therefore, it is imperative to train kata as much as possible and practice bunkai for a greater understanding of the interpretation of each move.

Basically, there are six (6) under belt kata's that are solely birthed from Tensho Goju, which illustrate acute movements and techniques circulating the system.  In addition, there are five (5) associated kata's derived from Goju Ryu, which gives an overall total of eleven (11) empty hand kata's in the Tensho Goju system. 

White Belt - Sunrise
Green Belt - Sunset
Purple Belt - Twisiting Clouds / Butterfly / Storm
Brown Belt - Tensho (Heavens Breath) / Seiunchin
Black Belt - Kururunfa
Black Belt 2nd Dan - Shisochin
Black Belt 3rd Dan - Sepai
Black Belt 5th Dan - Suparinpei

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fitness in the Park featuring Cardio Fitness Kick Boxing with Thomas Felder

On April 9, 2011 Master Felder woke the Lawton community with one of his dynamic Cardio Fitness Kick Boxing routines "Total Body" as part of the Fitness in the Park Lawton/Fort Sill community event. This training session consist of rigorous exercises targeting all the major muscles from the upper to lower body and topped off with a fears abdominal session that strengthens the total core of the abdominal area.  It was a good morning with the perfect atmospheric conditions for training, said Felder. The training session went on for 50 minutes with three 40 second pauses to check heart rates and water hydration. Felder is the founder of Cardio Fitness Kick Boxing, which he created in 1994 and introduced on his Time Warner Cable show.  Felder teaches a weekly free Cardio Fitness Kick Boxing class at Honeycut Gym, Fort Sill every Wednesday at 11:40 am.  Pictures of this event will be posted on the photo album and flickr at Additional photos can be sent per request to your email by emailing

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How many calories are burned during my Cardio Fitness Kick Boxing sessions?

Cardio Fitness Kick Boxing engages upper and lower body, as well as the abdominal area for a high-intensity workout. Although the intensity levels vary with which target area I focus on for each session you will still feel the results of strength building, body toning and burning a significant amount of calories.

According to the American Council on Exercise, a person weighing 155 lbs. will burn 469 calories after 40 minutes of performing a martial art or cardio kick boxing session. By comparison, a person weighing 120 lbs. will burn 363 calories from the same amount of activity. Also, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average person, defined as weighing 154 lbs., will burn an estimated 150 calories for every 25 minutes of cardio kickboxing.

Take note to my Cardio kickboxing target areas on our website at

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cardio Fitness Kick Boxing

Wow... today was a very helpful workout and I really appreciate all those that take their time to join in on my weekly lunchtime Cardio Fitness Kick Boxing workout session.  As I mention in the training session... "You really motivate me"! I can easily recall training for many years on my own and when I was tired or reached a point of exhaustion my training period would end.  Granted, I would train at various intervals according to my-self motivation, which usually ranged from one to two hours at most.  However, as I began to increase in age and responsibilities of family life my private workout sessions declined from daily to a few times a week.  Therefore, when I open special aerobic training sessions for public participation, it is for me to help you look and feel your best and on the same token the sessions benefit me equally. After all… we are not getting any younger, so as we fuel our bodies with food we must also conduct maintenance to keep it functioning at its best. God bless! Thomas