Friday, March 30, 2007

"NO FEAR" Defense with Authority

Felder is internationally known for his dynamic self defense clinics. Offering workshops and clinics to businesses, organizations, clubs, schools, churches, and special groups. Inquire on how to establish a workshop in your community.

Cardio Fitness Kick Boxing

Join in on Felder’s Cardio Fitness Kick Boxing lunchtime workout. This class is available to all soldiers, family members and workers of the Fort Sill community. See calendar for details and locations.

Close Engagement Tactics (CET)

Close Engagement Tactics training is a compilation of eclectic martial arts applications conducive for battlefield confrontation. Training involves psychological warfare tactics, offensive/defensive hand-to-hand combat drills, and CTA-50 weaponry.

Home Training Program DVD

Felder provides training to the public by way of his Tensho Goju Home Training Program (HTP) and online video student resources. The HTP DVD series will introduce all interested practitioners from beginner to the more advanced with knowledge and training applications essential for development in the Tensho Goju system. Moreover, remote practitioners will have the opportunity of belt advancement at the end of the training cycle. This is accomplished by two way communications between student and instructor via email, and video observation.

Contact the Tensho Goju Headquarters and begin you home training sessions today. There's no time like the present.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Welcome Guest

We welcome you to the Tensho Goju Headquarters blog.